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Buying a new smartphone can be a really exciting feeling but at the same time an extremely daunting one, especially if you’re buying a new one because your old one died before its time.

The thing about the modern smartphone market is that there are SO many options available to us, each with their own attractive, interesting features and advertising campaigns that really make us think a lot before selecting one. It shouldn’t really be this difficult to select a new device we want to use for convenience, above all else. But then, it is.

There is so much competition in the smartphone industry that it can get exciting as well as exasperating for customers to come up with a decision to select one. So this here guide will help you make the right decision without worrying about too many things like features and quality and uniqueness, etc.

1. Ask yourself what you need it for. The main thing is to come to a decision about what you need the smartphone for. A large majority of us need a smartphone that has support for a reliable app store (iOS or Android), phone calls, listening to music, texting, management of professional life (emails, document editing on-the-go, banking etc). While knowing this doesn’t exactly narrow it down, don’t stop right at this.

Now that you know what you need it for, you can move on to considering one of two questions. Do you want to buy a smartphone for its high end features or a smartphone that is just functional and suits your needs? Also, what can you afford?

2. Set a budget. The next step is to set a budget. Based on how much you earn, how much you want to save and how much you’re actually willing to pay for the features you truly need in your life, set a budget for yourself.

3. Consider The Categories: A low budget for smartphones like the Moto E, Xiaomi Redmi, etc. will mean you get a smartphone that isn’t too heavy on your wallet but at the same time, a very functional phone that suits your demands. What you need to bear in mind is that your smartphone cannot take abuse and will not perform really well. The functions are there. The hardware isn’t. You’re going to have to adjust to a phone that does what you want it to but at the expense of comfort. Next is the mid-ranged budget. This can cover a smartphone like the Moto G or Samsung Galaxy J7.

Something that has a few convenient features along with everything one would require from the average smartphone and the hardware to back it up as well. This is usually the most mainstream category of smartphone budgets and is hard to go wrong with.

The next up is the high end phones. Your Google Pixels, Galaxy S7s and Apple iPhone 7 Plus’ will fit in this budget. These phones are elite in the sense that they have the best of features, doing what you ask of them very sophisticatedly and last much longer without having you to buy a new one for a while.

That’s all really. In detail, it is just deciding what you want from a smartphone, deciding a budget and considering what smartphones that come under our budget have to offer.